About Me

Hi, I'm Argumentable. I've been mod on the talkhaus for I don't know how long but I got suckered into even before the first year anniversary. I also took control of the original talkhaus IRC through a series of unfortunate circumstances.

I think I hated it

I was kind of a dick but I also tried to do some fun things. I think my brand of sarcasm fell flat on a lot of people. I tried to read every post and I checked the forums constantly but eventually I went insane and left talkhaus for a while so it would be understandable if you forgot about me or don't know who I am, not that it's important.

I could tell you stories about that or other things that happened on the forums but I don't think anyone cares about talkhaustalgia.

Nowadays I'm very boring and mostly just shitpost on twitter. I like video games a lot but probably not the video games you like. I don't play as many as I used to so most of my information comes from other people. I do some other shit but IDK if I'm bringing it up here or if anyone would care.

In short, I exist.

Actually, I did a short write up of why I'd originally left talkhaus and posted it on twitter. If you want to read it, here you go. It's a history of me, but it involves talkhaus. I could do some talkhaus history stories probably, too.
Also, don't read too deep into this now. This stuff happened years and years ago and I'm much better now than I was then.