Hi I like playing card games sometimes and I also like collecting things so there's cards I have that I like and I will tell you about them because I have nothing better to do with my life. I mostly played Magic: The Gathering and way back when it was new I played Pokemon. I've dabbled a little in Digimon (again, when it was new) and have done a few of the digitial games, including Hearthstone, Shadowverse, and Chronicle: Runescape legends. There's probably a couple others I've tried and can't think of. Never too serious with them but I've always liked collecting the cards!

Ancient Mew (Pokemon Promo)

When you went to go see the second Pokemon movie in theaters they gave you this card! You also got cards for seeing the first movie, but when I went to see that they didn't have any cards. Lame! But I did go to the see the second movie with my mom. I remember going and we were a litte late cause the theater was packed, so packed that we didn't get to sit together, we were in different rows but I didn't mind too much at the time because I was focused on the movie. I remember being excited to see the movie and a little nervous so I shoved the card in my pocket and I loved the movie. After it was over I took the card out and it had a huge crease in the middle because I wasn't taking care of it (I should've gave it to my mom to put in her purse.) My mom must have felt bad cause she went out and bought me another Ancient Mew which is the one you see in the picture. I have no idea where the second one is but I'd like to find it one day just for the memory!

Sorin, Grim Nemesis (Magic: The Gathering - Shadows Over Innistrad)

To be honest, I'm not particularly attached to this card other than for the story that goes with it - the Shadows Over Innistrad set as a whole is a different bag, though, and it partially goes hand in hand. I didn't really start playing paper Magic again until, or since really, Shadows Over Innistrad came out. Cutting out a lot of fluff, there was a lady that went to the LGS that really wanted this card. She was looking for it forever and wanted it really badly. I'm not sure why - she was a collector but I don't think that was the entire story. One day me and a work friend went to a sealed event and she was there too, but bot me and my friend opened this guy up. For some reason I found it hilarious and being kind of a dick in retrospect, though not intentional, it made me laugh and I showed her that we'd gotten it. She did come back after the event was over and asked if me or my friend wanted to trade it, but neither of us did. He's always going to stay in my collection as "the card that one lady wanted."
Also I only remember getting to play him once in that event. The only other time I remember him being relevant was me discarding him to Call the Bloodline to make a blocker so I wouldn't die (don't remember if I died)

Cyborg Tao Pai Pai (???)

I have no idea who this character is or what exactly this card if from. I ordered something non-card or DBZ related off ebay and this was in the box and it's been sitting on my desk ever since