Hi I like to rate things sometimes if you want me to rate something then tell me and I will rank it unless I don't want to

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Azur Lane
Mario Enemies

Azur Lane Boats

I like Azur Lane I'm going to rate the boats based on 3 things: if they're cute, if their one dimensional personality is good, if they're actualy useful in game


Cute - 2.5/5 or 4/5 for retrofit I think her normal look is just kinda normal and nothing special about it but I really like her retrofit outfit even though her coat just covers the opposite of what it did before and her skirt is now shorts but shorts are better IMO
Personality - 1.5/5 I really don't like it when all people do is talk about the thing they like and only mention that thing over and over like Portland does with cat plane- I mean Indianapolis. She has some okay character moments otherwise which is why she's not a 0 and she's mostly harmless but okay
Usefullness - 5/5 I use her lots and I'm never disappointed. She's pretty much survives everything and also can actually kill stuff apparently to so she's usually my go to when I wanna start building a team just to clear levels
OVERALL - 4.5/5 I really like her even though I didn't at first. I like just slapping her on a team and forgetting she's there because she can manage herself


Cute - 2.5/5 or 0/5 for every outfit other than normal She's ok I guess but feet are gross
Personality - 0/5 She's a bitch. I know you're not supposed to call people that but she totally is I hate her
Usefullness - IDK I've used her but I don't remember?
OVERALL - Fuck/5 I hate her get out of my game


Cute - 5/5 I love York and all her outfits IDK why she's basically just a brunette with pigtails
Personality - 3/5 She talks like someone who is intentionally trying to not talk normal and I kinda like it and I guess she's into Star Wars or something cause she keeps talking about the Force. Look I don't know what she's really supposed to be going on about and if she was a real person I'd be like "fuck just talk like a human" but she's a fictional character so I like it
Usefullness - 3.5/5 She does okay but doesn't really seem to excel at anything so far as I can tell? Not bad but nothing great about her that I notice
OVERALL - 5/5 I unresaonably really like her ok?

Mario Enemies

I like Mario games too much I'm ranking these enemies on deadliness and design

Bullet Bill

Deadliness - 4/5 Single bullet bills aren't usually a problem but there's usually a billion of them so they can be pretty deadly but only because of their numbers. There's so many variations of their speeds and size but I think it's ok to recoginze them as deadly because bullets usually are
Design - 4/5 It's just a bullet with eyes and sometimes arms but I love it
OVERALL - 5/5 Bullet bills are great yes this doesn't make any sense I know


Deadliness - 3/5 Bloopers can be a pain in the butt if you let them get close but a lot of times you can manipulate them into staying away from you. I won't deny that they've probably gotten me more times than any other aquatic enemy though!
Design - 2.5/5 Its a squid i mean that's not good or bad
OVERALL - 3/5 Solid enemy I wouldn't change anything about it

Chargin' Chuck

Deadliness - 3/5 unless they're throwing baseballs then it's 5/5 Chargin' Chucks are probably only deadly because they take more than one hit. If they only took one hit then they'd probably be lame. Also some of them play baseball in the wrong uniforms and that's probably a penalty but nobody can get fucking close to them because all they do is throw more baseballs and they just don't stop and the umpire or referee needs to come out and say soemthing to them but even they won't do it because those guys are just fucking nuts holy shit
Design - 4/5 I'm still not sure wha kind of animal Chucks are supposed to be and I don't even watch football but I think you can't find anything wrong with their design even if they don't remember what sports team they're on
OVERALL - 5/5 I love them they're great yes this doesn't make any sense I know


I like tea but I don't drink a lot of it but I'd like to drink more of it but I'm just gonna rank it on if I like it or not.

Earl Grey

3/5 - This is the tea that you always hear about when people mention tea in media but it's alright. I mean I like it but I wouldn't write home about it. There are better teas but it's fine. Completely average and acceptable

Prince of Wales

4/5 - This tea is a better tea than EG tea IMO and it's what I think of when I think of how tea should taste so it's like my flagship tea.


4/5 - I like blueberries and I like blueberry tea. Sometimes I'll drink it just to relax and it isn't caffienated so I can drink it at night and be fine. A solid tea.


4.5/5 - I think this might be my go-to tea if I'm only drinking tea and not having anything with it. I'm a big fan of cinnamon so of course I like this. Probably the best type I've had so far