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August 15th
I added 2 more cards to cards I like wow what I great update!!!
August 5th
Hello my password was reset so I added some of the games I played to the game played thing and also I gave Chai Tea a 4.5 in my rankings!!! Wow!!!
May 11th
Hi I beat Spyro I put my short thoughts down on it okay bye!
May 1st
I'm gonna start actually listing what I update here since I guess I'm kind of using this site as a blog for random thoughts. I added Freedom Planet to 2021 games (it's under beaten) and it's a game I ultimately didn't care for whoops I ruined the paragraph on the page that says I didn't care for it

The ??? Updates

If you wanna read my thoughts on games I played this year click here and hopefully it goes to the page where I wrote all the stuff

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